Dome Rules

  1. Skater participates at their own risk. Petal Roller Dome will not assume liability for any injuries, accidents or personal property damage due to a skater’s negligence.
  2. No gum or sunflower seeds.
  3. No outside food or drinks (except for private parties).
  4. Keep ALL food and drinks in the Snack Bar area.
  5. Dress appropriately.
  6. No hats, rags or head wear of any kind EXCEPT protective helmets.
  7. All skaters are REQUIRED to have good, not worn down, stoppers or caps on their personal skates. Stop by our Pro Shop if you need to purchase some.
  8. We do not hold any personal items. See the Pro Shop about renting one of our lockers.
  9. No speed skating except on designated songs.
  10. No tobacco products allowed – adults may step outside if need be.
  11. Adults may enter to watch their children at no charge.

These are basic rules of Petal Roller Dome. Please respect our facility, the bathrooms especially, and let the staff know of any problems or concerns that you have while visiting our facility.

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